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Andrew Moore & Associates Ltd
2703 Universal Trade Centre,
3 Arbuthnot Road,
Hong Kong (SAR),

Tel: +(852) 2861 3313 (24 hour contact)
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Photo of  Elie  Amar
Elie Amar Marine Consultant, Naval Architect.
Work Phone: +(852) 2861 3313 Website: Contact Elie Amar

Elie qualified as a Naval Architect after studying between the leading maritime universities of Sydney, Southampton, and New York. After receiving a First Class Master’s Degree of Engineering on completion of his studies, Elie joined AMA in 2012. Since that time, he has been actively involved with the investigation of marine casualties. In addition to generating 3 dimensional models of various vessels, analysing their structural strengths, together with intact and damaged stability characteristics, Elie has also constructed what-if simulations to evaluate the possible outcomes of potential salvage scenarios. He has also provided consulting to government agencies on maritime safety related matters.

While rapidly gaining experience with containers and non-standardized cargo claims and assessing the adequacy of lashing systems, Elie has provided recommendation for particular stowage arrangements and, securing  in relation to future voyages.

He has attended at shipyards in Hong Kong and China and conducted  collision damage assessments and calculations of repairs and quantity of steel required and also been involved in the assessment of renewal of berth fender systems.

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Photo of  Michael  McCollam
Michael McCollam Marine Consultant, Engineer
Work Phone: +(852) 2861 3313 Website: Contact Michael McCollam

Michael has over 30 years of seagoing experience on a variety of vessels including VLCCs, Product Carriers, Bulkers and large Ro-Pax vessels in Europe, on which he rose to the rank of Chief Engineer.

In the course of his seagoing career he gained extensive experience in budget control and planning, implementation of various programmes, including planned maintenance and preparation of vessels for drydock refit and surveys, attendance on board newly built vessels for acceptance sea trials, fuel procurement and onboard management, voyage and bunker planning for chartered vessels and business appraisals to meet commercial objectives.

Michael has experience in both ‘new company’ and ‘new route’ start-ups, preparing vessels for lay-up and return to service from lay-up. He also has broad experience in Port and Flag State inspections including change of Flag, Statutory Surveys, P & I condition surveys, Internal ISM auditing and machinery and equipment surveys for Classification Societies.  Michael was also instrumental to the success of a project involving the adapting of a 23,000 GRT Ro-Ro Freight Ferry for use as an offshore wind farm support vessel and, the subsequent returning of the vessel to ferry operations on completion of the charter.

Since joining AMA Michael has undertaken Hull & Machinery claim surveys, P&I Club condition surveys, vessel valuation surveys, attendance at laboratories for monitoring analysis of dry bulk cargo samples for moisture content and Flow Moisture Point / Transportable Moisture Limit, pre-charter risk assessments and bunker disputes.

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Photo of  Christopher  Raven
Christopher Raven Marine Consultant
Work Phone: +852 2861 3313 Website: Contact Chris

Chris served as a seagoing deck officer on a variety of vessels including clean and dirty product / chemical tankers, VLCC, ULCC, offshore, FPSO and seismic survey vessels worldwide; sailing in the rank of Chief Officer for the last 4 years of this.

After an initial three and a half years with Andrew Moore & Associates in their Hong Kong office as a Marine Consulting Surveyor, he then spent a further four years as a Marine Manager, investigating shipping incidents and conducting crew interviews for the Hong Kong office of a major international shipping law firm.

Chris has substantial experience in all manner of cargo and vessel condition surveys, damage surveys and investigations (including root cause analysis); cargo loading and stowage, cargo short outturn, short loading and cargo quality disputes as well as all manner of performance related issues.

Additionally, Chris has substantial experience in vessel collision investigations, including the collection and interpretation of technical evidence from bridge recorders, VDR / S-VDR, and other electronic and documentary sources. Chris is proficient at accident reconstructions and statement taking for legal purposes.


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Photo of  Irina  Smolina
Irina Smolina Consultant Scientist

Irina is an accomplished Ecologist with a PhD in Geochemistry and Geoecology, and a MSc in Bioecology and Environmental Chemistry (cum laude). Before joining Andrew Moore & Associates, Irina worked in China and Russia as an environmental scientist. In particular, Irina has a strong base in the areas of oil spill response (comprehensive) including oil spill response plans, environmental impact assessment (water/land), escaped oil/fuel control, fuel contamination issues, fuel compatibility issues, asbestos and other toxic substances. Irina also undertakes crew and management training sessions / seminars for OSRP and Oil Pollution Crisis Management at Sea.

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Photo of  Bernard  Teale
Bernard Teale Marine Consultant, Engineer
Work Phone: +(852) 2861 3313 Website: Contact Bernard

Bernard spent the first 18 years of his career with Shell Tankers rising from indentured apprentice to Chief Engineer, during which he served on steam turbine and diesel motor driven vessels, including ULCC’s, and also served on LNG tankers as a junior engineer and later as Cargo Officer, with the latter role involving the loading and discharging of the cargo as well as the maintenance of all cryogenic equipment. Bernard was involved in numerous dry dockings and repairs and also the retrofitting of crude oil washing and inert gas systems and upgrading generating capacity.


Bernard has also served on a Ro-Ro vessel and a banana carrying reefer ship all of which were powered by Pielstick engines, after which he was engaged as technical manager of a shipping company, where his work included developing all management and operating systems for the new venture, and dry docking the company’s vessels and supervising re-engining projects for two vessels.


Between 1985 and 1986, Bernard also undertook instructions in the Caribbean as a Consultant Surveyor for the Jacksonville office of The Salvage Association. After a further two years at sea as Chief Engineer, Bernard was engaged as a marine consultant surveyor with a British owned marine consultancy in Piraeus starting in 1989, working in countries around the Mediterranean and in the Arabian Gulf, prior to joining Andrew Moore & Associates Ltd., in Hong Kong, in 1996.


His work has included Hull and Machinery damage surveys and investigations including fires, collisions, groundings and sinkings. Oil pollution control and mitigation Speed & Angle of Blow Investigations. Speed & Consumption – Non-performance disputes. Feasibility and Risk analysis.  Dry and Liquid Cargo Damage Surveys. Bunker quality and quantity surveys. LPG/LNG, petroleum products and crude oils. On/Off Hire surveys, towage approval, fixed and floating structure damage evaluation. Pre-purchase inspections, condition surveys of vessels for P & I Clubs and Financial Institutions. Risk Assessments of vessels for charterers. General and Particular Average claims with Average Adjusters. Consultancy on Refrigeration plant. Salvage/Refloating in Greece, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Preparation of Expert reports in relation to the foregoing, for use in Arbitration and Litigation proceedings and giving evidence as expert witness in same. Appointed to the Hong Kong Justice Department Court Users Appraisal & Sale Sub-committee.

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Photo of  Wesley  Tucker
Wesley Tucker Consultant Scientist

Wesley holds a PhD in Biochemistry and a BSc Biochemistry. Prior to joining Andrew Moore & Associates, Wesley spent 7 years at the lab bench in both the biotechnology industry and at Hong Kong University. In his current role at Andrew Moore & Associates, Wesley deals with matters of ore liquefaction testing/assessment, coal self heating/liquefaction, fumigation, chemicals/substances shipped in containers, substance identification, cross contamination in bulk carrier holds, the analysis of the origin of bulk cargo and matters of cargo degradation/quality.

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Photo of  John  Wilson
John Wilson Marine Consultant
Work Phone: +(852) 2861 3313 Website: Contact John

John holds a Class 1 Master Mariner certificate and has over 15 years sea going experience from Deck Trainee / Able Seaman to Chief Officer serving worldwide on various types of vessel with multi-national crews, including periods in dry docks, vessel re-activation and commissioning. Prepared vessels for Statutory and Class surveys, USCG and USPH inspections and conducted security and safety training and inspections and investigations.

As General Manager of Andrew Moore & Associates, responsible for operation of Hong Kong head quarters and activities of consultant surveyors, and liaison, monitoring and marketing of other group offices, including Lloyd’s Agencies for Hong Kong & Macao, and Singapore.

Marine consultant with focus on casualty, accident and personal injury investigations and risk assessments. John was with AMA in Hong Kong and Shanghai between 1997 to 2003, as a marine consultant surveyor, after which he worked as a master mariner / marine casualty investigator for a major international law firm in their Hong Kong office between 2003 to 2008 attending various casualties in the region and further afield.  He returned to AMA in 2008 as General Manager and continues to provide assistance to clients including the preparation of expert reports for use in court and arbitration proceedings. John is a member of the Hong Kong Government Pilotage Advisory Committee and sits on the exam panel for Hong Kong harbour pilots.

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Photo of  Blaine  Wu
Blaine Wu Marine Consultant, Engineer
Work Phone: +(852) 2861 3313 Website: Contact Blaine

Blaine holds a Class 1 Chief Engineer’s certificate of competency and has sailed on US owned and operated vessels in the rank of Chief Engineer. Blaine has over 25 years experience in the maritime industry and, in addition to his accomplished seagoing career, he has gained extensive experience in the handling of vessel operations and maintenance while in the role of Port Engineer for a US flag container company working in China.

Blaine also has considerable experience managing shipyard projects in China on behalf of ship owners and port and terminal operators, including the supervision of new buildings, conversions and repairs and dry-docking. Blaine’s has provided technical management and overseen projects involving over 30 vessels of various types, as well as the manufacture of Ro/Ro ramps for marine terminals in the USA.

In addition to his technical management role Blaine has also conducted technical and financial analysis and risk assessments of yards and fabrication facilities, as well as the Quality Assurance and Quality Control audits of shipbuilders and advised Chinese shipyards of International Standards for production, Safety and Quality Control.

Since joining AMA, Blaine has conducted surveys and inspections of various types of vessels at ports and shipyards, on behalf of Owners, Charterer’s and their insurers. Blaine has also been engaged in various consultancy and investigation matters for litigation and arbitration proceedings in Hong Kong and other international jurisdictions, with a particular focus on new buildings and, has  attended as expert witness  in London for arbitration cases relating to new building disputes. Blaine is widely recognised as an expert in China new building compliance and dispute matters.


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