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Binnacle Marine Consultants & Surveyors Co. Ltd
Rm 1112, Thomson Commercial Building,
710 Dong Fang Road,
Pu Dong,
Shanghai 200122,

邮编: 200122

Tel: +(86) 21687 67789 (0900 – 1730 hours)
Fax: +(86) 21687 67589

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Photo of  Raymond He
Raymond He Marine Surveyor
Work Phone: +(86) 21687 67789
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Photo of  Tony Huang
Tony Huang Marine Consultant, Managing Director
Work Phone: +(86) 21687 67789 Website: Contact Tony

Full sea-going experience from Cadet to Master on a variety of vessels, Flags and crews.

Considerable experience was obtained in all aspects of ISM, NSM (Chinese National Safety Management Code) ISPS, Pollution Prevention and Contingency Plans, establishing, implementation & auditing of same; Crew manning, recruitment, management and training.

Tony is also a Lloyd’s Approved Special Casualty Representative (SCR)

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Photo of  Wing Liang
Wing Liang Marine Surveyor
Work Phone: +86 2861 3313
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Photo of  George Lin
George Lin Marine Consultant, Engineer
Work Phone: +86 21 6876 7789

George Lin began his sea career in 1997 as an engineer apprentice to Expedo Ship Management of Canada. Over time George rose to the rank of Chief Engineer on marine diesel oil tankers up to 164,251 tonnes deadweight. He has also served on chemical tankers of up to 22,519 tonnes deadweight.

Subsequently working as Owners’ superintendent supervising numerous new building 57,000 dwt bulker carriers in China. George has extensive knowledge on International construction conventions, Class Regulations, ship structures, machineries and electrical equipment, and maintains good relationships with classification societies, shipyards, design companies, etc.

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Photo of  Fisher Liu
Fisher Liu Marine Surveyor
Work Phone: +86 21687 67789

Fisher has full marine cargo experience in ranks from trainee to senior surveyor employed by various companies. Fisher has a lot of experience and proficiency in vessel pre-loading and pre-discharging surveys; cargo loading and discharging supervision; cargo hold cleanliness and cargo-worthiness inspections; lashing surveys on heavy lift cargoes, steels & equipments etc; draft surveys, on/off hire surveys.

Cargo inspection for containerized and break bulk cargoes, steels, equipments, loading and discharging supervision; oil seeds, vegetables, fruits, frozen goods, feed oils, grains; soybean; frozen goods, inspection & damage claims; petroleum products, chemicals, crude oils inspection, gauging and sampling; dry bulk ore loading / discharging supervision and sampling; liquid and dry bulk cargo contamination investigations; shortage claims; loss control and investigations.

Bunker surveys for quantity and quality.

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Photo of  Sam Shen
Sam Shen Marine Surveyor
Work Phone: +86 21687 67789

A Marine Surveyor since 2006, and latterly Senior Marine Surveyor, Sam Shen joined Andrew Moore & Associates in May 2011, based in Xiamen, China.

During his 5 year surveyor career Sam has conducted numerous surveys for liquid petrochemical products, including crude oil, product oil, liquid chemical cargo in bulk, vegetable oil, LPG, LNG and, also solid bulk cargoes. Sam is an experienced bunker quantity and quality surveyor and investigator. Previously Sam has undertaken many bunker supply inspections for Lloyd’s register (FOBAS Bunker Survey) with high praise from the clients.

Sam has made numerous chemical cargo loss and contamination investigations and surveys and, advises clients on safe storage and shipping arrangements, together with loss and contamination prevention issues.

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Photo of  Richard Yi
Richard Yi Marine Consultant
Work Phone: +(86) 21687 67789 Website: Contact Richard

Full sea going experience in all ranks from Cadet to Master with several Chinese and international ship management companies, trading world wide on general cargo vessels and bulk carriers.

Considerable experience in all aspects of navigation, loading and discharge operations of large bulk carriers, ISM and ISPS procedures, SOLAS requirements, Safety Equipment, Safety Construction and Loadline surveys as well as general shipboard management.

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